Our story began in 2017, back then we were a small Zambian community group in North East London, England. We used to meet up in local pubs and Hotel reception areas to discuss health and well being issues affecting us, Today, we are privileged to connect with hundreds of entrepreneurial Diaspora groups from all regions of Africa as well as with leading local and international business leaders, committed to creating business opportunities and enriching bi-lateral trade links between the United Kingdom, Zambia and elsewhere.
We have always believed in delivering activities that create the best opportunities for our members and business partners. Here is an example:

United Kingdom

  • February 2020- Routes to market in Africa- A ZBC and MinSouth business workshop at the Institute of Materials and Mining (IOM3)- London
  • April 2019- Business leaders Conference – Organized on the back of the Commonwealth Heads of State summit-Sponsored by CMS Solicitors, London
  • November 2017- Beyond ideas into action: Incubating the right ideas to promote business- Zambia High Commission, London

Zambia, Africa

  • August 2019- Soirre du vin, Business network workshop – Hotel Intercontinental, Lusaka Zambia -joint activity with Zambia Oxford Cambridge alumni network
  • October 2018 -Breaking down the barriers facing SME’s and Investors -Radisson Blue Hotel, Lusaka Zambia as partner to Capital Impact Africa