Welcome To zambian business club

The Zambian Business Club - Creating Commercial Opportunities, Building Professional Networks

The Zambian Business Club CIC (ZBC) is membership-based, community interest company founded and registered in the UK during 2017. ZBC is committed to creating new, exciting opportunities to expand business and professional links between Zambia and the UK. The Club welcomes resourceful, innovative ideas to drive business relationships within a highly professional and ethical framework. Our work is seen as contributing to enriching bi-lateral relations between the UK and Zambia while promoting sustainable, equitable development in both nations; and more widely contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals across Africa.

ZBC’s vision to build a strong business networks is centred on developing a network of professionals from a wide range of sectors who can work with public sector and development partners. Our success is driven by the talents, energy and enterprising spirit of our diverse and harmonious membership. Diaspora Zambians have a special place within ZBC as their commercial knowledge of both nations make them strategic assets for unlocking new business opportunities.

We have a welcoming and inclusive character that values the rich knowledge and experience of our members. Our leadership are keen to collaborate with members and foster opportunities for them to be part of our vibrant calendar of activities while also using their specialist skills to initiate special programmers. Special emphasis is given to promoting the empowerment of females and young people whose skills play a vital role in unlocking new economic opportunities.

Our Objectives

  • To be the premier forum for driving professional and commercial opportunities between the UK and Zambia.
  • To act as an inclusive forum for business and professional interests within the UK with links to Zambia.
  • To build new and strengthen existing bi-lateral trade relationships while also connecting to strategic organizations within Zambia.
  • To facilitate and organise activities that promote bi-lateral trade relations between the UK and Zambia.
  • To showcase investment and business opportunities for members of the Club while also offering expert insight and strategic connections.
  • To share knowledge, promote partnerships and embrace collaborations with public or private sector partners with UK and Zambian entities together with the wider African diaspora in Britain.